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USS Escolar (SS-294)

Posted on January 4, 2012 at 4:07 PM
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I would like to thank Mrs. Anne Harris and Mr. Ronald Norford. Without them, this blog would not have been possible.

Legal Disclaimer: All information, opinion and theories on this website and blog are published in good faith and for general information purposes only. I do not make any warranties about the completeness, reliability and accuracy of this information. Any action you take upon the information on my website and blog is strictly at your own risk, and I will not be liable for any losses and/or damages in connection with its use. All opinion and theories are strictly my own, and should not be construed as fact.

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Reply Val
3:05 AM on January 8, 2012 
I totally agree that in this case, the place wasn't haunted, but the opportunity was there as you were there alone and your Uncle wanted to make his presence known to you. The reasons that he made himself known to you are probably very complex or it can be as simple as he's your "Guardian Angel". Either way, it was an amazing experience and goes to show that we should keep our minds and eyes open to what is going on around us.
Reply Ron Norford
12:55 PM on January 8, 2012 
I truly hope that one day I may have this experience, and knowing how you have regretted not speaking or inquiring, of the image, I will do so learning from your experience. I too have endeavored to learn the fate of Escolar and her crew, which my brother was a member, to no avail.
Reply Janice
8:21 PM on January 9, 2012 
What an interesting story. It's very sad, but was very uplifting in that it was not the end for those brave men. I will do more research on the Escolar. Thank you for your wonderful gift.
Reply Sandra
10:00 PM on January 9, 2012 
Poignant and beautifully written in so few words, I love this! I went through several emotions in the few minutes it took to read your story. Thank you for telling a story I probably otherwise would have never known. God bless the men of the Escolar.
Reply Ed DeLeo
7:07 PM on January 10, 2012 
I had never heard about the loss of USS Escolar, so I did a Google search after reading your amazing story. Yours was one of those stories that will stick with people for a long time. It was such a tragedy, all those men on the sub's first patrol. I hope that one day the truth will be known, for better or worse. They were brave and not forgotten. They are in my prayers.
Reply Glenn B.
5:22 AM on January 11, 2012 
Thank you for bringing this story to light and telling it so well. Hindsight is 20/20, but I think you're right in just being thankful for the experience. Your story was an inspiration, and we should all thank your uncle and the crew of Escolar.
Reply Steve Rainey
12:53 PM on January 11, 2012 
A very moving story, one that really makes me wonder if there's much that we just don't know. I looked at the linked pictures; they were all so young. In a way, this keeps USS Escolar and her crew alive and remembered. Thank you.
Reply Mike Braunstein
7:42 PM on January 11, 2012 
Hello Mr. Duda- Have you been to Battleship Cove to visit USS Lionfish? I did some searching online and it seems to be almost the sister ship of USS Escolar- built at the same time and at the same shipyard. You and others have mentioned the poor workmanship done back then at the Cramp Shipyard in Philly, but it's interesting that with just a couple exceptions, most of the submarines produced there held up long enough to eventually be retired. I'm sure it was with duct tape and a prayer that they made it through. Thanks for telling your story- the crew will be in my thoughts.
Reply Calvin
4:42 PM on January 12, 2012 
I don't know if I believe in ghosts and the paranormal, at least not 100%, but your story pulled me in. An unusual adjunct to the Escolar history, which I had never heard. May they rest in peace.
Reply Evelyn Campbell
5:42 PM on January 13, 2012 
I wonder why your uncle didn't speak, and the purpose of his visit? Maybe the conditions were just right for him to materialize? It's comforting to know that on some level, the crew lives on. Like you said, on eternal patrol. Thank you for a beautiful story.
Reply Meg
3:46 PM on January 14, 2012 
Your account gave me chills up my spine! Not because it was creepy, but just the possibility of it all. It's actually quite a hopeful tale, that things don't really end. I wish that for the entire crew. I have to wonder if any other family members have had similar encounters? I hope others connected with the tragedy get the chance to read it. Thank you for your candor.
Reply Darren Evans
1:07 AM on January 16, 2012 
This is such an amazing story! It has everything; a lost ship, mystery, history, war, ghosts. It would be nice if USS Escolar is eventually located for the families. We sometimes forget how many lost their lives in similar fashion. I had no idea subs were that risky and dangerous back then. A nice reminder for all of us. Thank you, Mr. Duda.
Reply Phil J
2:40 AM on January 16, 2012 
You would think the Navy would make more of an effort to find WWII subs like Escolar. They should have a branch that does that exclusively, if they don't already. As taxpayers, we should demand it. We should all write our representatives. I can understand not finding her back then, but I'm sure the ability exists today. Why aren't they? Maybe someone high up will read your story and it'll light a fire under them. We can only hope.
Reply Maria Santangelo
10:46 AM on January 16, 2012 
I loved your telling of your account; I felt like I was there on that cold winter's day. The conditions must have been perfect that day for all of this to happen. I think the cold played a part--static electricity in the air? Maybe it was a period of high electromagnetic energy in the atmosphere--solar flares? Maybe you should go back and check the records for Feb. 2000? Something had to be special for such an encounter to take place.
Reply Susan Wilde
9:10 PM on January 16, 2012 
Whatever happened to the sub, I will say a prayer every night for the crew. I have to wonder if it was some kind of mechanical malfunction, as the sub was pooly constructed. I wonder if is still intact and can be raised? Is that at all possible after all this time? You are very lucky to have had that visit. Thank you. Susan Wilde.
Reply Doug
9:35 PM on January 16, 2012 
All do respect, and it's a nice story and all, but have you ever considered that it might have been a daydream or hallucination because of the cold or something? I don't believe people come back from the dead. Not from shipwrecks, not from car wrecks, not from natural causes. They don't.
Reply Anthony Duda
4:20 PM on January 17, 2012 
Doug says...
All do respect, and it's a nice story and all, but have you ever considered that it might have been a daydream or hallucination because of the cold or something? I don't believe people come back from the dead. Not from shipwrecks, not from car wrecks, not from natural causes. They don't.

Hi Doug. I make it a point not to respond to comments, as this is not a forum, and want people to feel free to express both positive and negative opinions and comments. I manually approve all comments unless they violate the few terms I've put in place to maintain civility.

I assure you that the incident with my uncle was not a "daydream or hallucination"; I was not sleep-deprived or suffering from exposure to the elements. Did that run through my mind? Absolutely, as I believe it would with any sane person. I was as lucid as any time in my life, and the story of USS Escolar was far from my thoughts. Too, keep in mind that if I was hallucinating, my dog was as well, as I had all I could do to hold him back; he really did want to greet this 'person'.

It has been my experience that some never experience a paranormal event, and I haven't a clue as to why that is. It could be they are not "tuned in" or just somehow filter it, and I can certainly understand how those individuals would negatively view the entire phenomenon. I do not ask or expect people to believe; the purpose of my website is to relay my experiences and offer advice based on my many years in this field.

I thank you for your comments and for visiting my site, and hope you will continue to do so.
Reply Haley Donovan
4:00 AM on January 18, 2012 
I don't question whether anything like your experience is possible. I've had too many experiences and my life has been brushed by the other side many times. It always seems to be when I least expect it, and there's no figuring it out.
Reply Gloria Barbour
3:14 PM on January 19, 2012 
I've heard that people lost suddenly in a tragedy are more likely to come back. I don't know how true that is? I hope the sub is found someday. Thanks for your site. I find it fascinating.
Reply Ingrid
3:21 PM on January 20, 2012 
I never realized how many submarines were lost during the war. Strange that you do not hear as much about them as regular ships. I guess that is due to their secret and stealthy nature. I wish to someday have a visit like yours from my father. Thank you.